Important tip about creating psychological safety at work

This is a really important tip about creating psychological safety!  If you are feeling frustrated by something at your work place, I promise you that there is someone on the other side of that issue who is feeling just as frustrated - but with their own story.  You might think you're doing a great job of hiding your disappointment.  You might think that you're doing them a favor by not bringing it up. But you're communication your negative feelings loud and clear. You're just unaware that you are doing it.  Rather than scheduling a meeting to talk about all the things that didn't work for you, could you try to schedule a moment just to hear their side?  There might be a process breakdown, something simple that you can fix together, that might prevent these kinds of issues from repeating!  Click 👉 "Follow" for daily #Innovation Insights! #InnovateWithDiana #InnovateEveryday #management #growth #leadership #curiosity

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