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New York Times Bestseller All In Startup


This is a must read for anyone interested in launching a new product or business. All In Startup makes lean concepts more accessible through a simple but powerful allegory to which readers will easily relate. Diana Kander helps readers understand the value of the lean approach by tying it to a memorable story.


Steve Blank

Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University and UCSF

Used to teach innovation and entrepreneurship in over 70 schools, including:

  • Georgetown
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Columbia
  • Fordham
  • Cornell
  • UCLA
  • Ohio State
  • University of Wisconsin
  • And many more!

Free Downloads and Resources

Instructor Guide

As more and more professors started using All In Startup as a teaching tool, they were blown away at how quickly students read through the material and how much they enjoyed talking about it. They asked for more. They wanted activities students could do to experience entrepreneurial thinking, even if they didn’t have a specific idea they wanted to pursue. They wanted questions to lead classroom discussion about the book. And they wanted more opportunities for students to experience those entrepreneurial butterflies to see if this vocation is something they really wanted to pursue.

Diana created this Instructors’ Guide to address those requests. Inside, you will find discussion questions, activities, and other resources for teaching students how to think like an entrepreneur. It’s the perfect companion guide for using All In Startup in your classroom.

Experiment Board

When launching a new business, understanding and testing your assumptions is essential to starting off on the right foot. I created this worksheet to allow entrepreneurs to conduct useful experiments before going all in.

Mindset Discussion Guide

Reading Diana’s book with a group? This discussion guide will get the discussion headed in an exciting direction.

Customer Interview Rules

When approaching customer interviews, many entrepreneurs compromise the data by asking poor questions. Following these rules will unlock what your customers are really thinking, and what they really want.

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