Does your Business need Innovation Consulting?


No industry is safe from innovation. Companies of all ages and sizes are being pushed to their limits as technology creates amazing opportunities for rapid change. Companies that prepare for change will do well, while others will begin preparing after it’s too late.

Many organizations have rightly seen the need for an innovation competency; for some kind of department or curriculum to encourage both incremental and disruptive innovation.  But these initiatives are usually short lived or not very effective. 

The brave individuals running these efforts need support.  They need an outside innovator to help them stay objective, broaden their perspective on what’s possible, and challenge them to do more.

Diana has seen the power this objective presence can have in an organization.  Her first week as entrepreneur-in-residence on one project, she helped a product team generate an additional $8 million in revenue by questioning a decision that had been justified as “the way it works around here”.

Diana doesn’t just bring a unique, innovative perspective to your biggest organizational challenges, she has a methodology to uncover negative habits within your team and organizational culture that are slowing down innovation. Let's have a conversation if you need an innovation consultant. 

Regardless of the age or size of your company, Diana is the catalyst to creating a culture of innovation and curiosity.


Here are a few of the companies I've engaged with in the past. If your company needs a keynote speaker or innovation training solutions, let's have a conversation today.

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