The Retrospective

Never Settle for Good Enough

The Retrospective

Never Settle for Good Enough

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Everyone on your team is working hard executing on their to do list, but they rarely take a step back to think strategically about how to innovate and create value for customers. You can’t just talk about a culture of innovation, you need to create opportunities for your team to experience it.

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The Retrospective is a two-part workshop based on the idea that self awareness is the key to innovation.  Diana Kander and her team will help you look back at the most important customer experience indicators in your business to identify your blindspots, pin-point customer pain points, and develop an innovative plan for moving forward.  We not only facilitate this strategic innovation session, but our team serves as the objective third party helping you interpret customer needs and make informed, data-driven decisions.

The Retrospective is an excellent fit for any team wanting to significantly increase the value it’s creating.

“The Retrospective was invaluable to understanding our successes, failures, and our path forward. Diana and her team sifted through data and countless customer interactions and presented an unbiased analysis on what our customers thought of our experience. The Retrospective agenda was engaging and eye-opening – without it, we would have been flying blind. I would recommend taking a step back with The Retrospective to help your team move forward and drive value and exponential growth.”

Jason Houseworth

Chief Innovation Officer, H&R Block

Part One:

The Retrospective

We help you gather and analyze feedback that will provide the most actionable insights for your team. If you do not currently collect the necessary feedback to make the retrospective a success, then we will help you design and execute a survey. We will review the available data and present a non-biased, outside report of the findings. This process will help you identify valuable customer experience blindspots that are causing damage to your brand.

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Part Two:

The Reimagination

With your blindspots identified, our team will facilitate a fun competition to help you come up with creative solutions. We will help you come up with a significant list of options by helping everyone on your team stretch themselves and come up with ideas.

Choose Your Package

We want your organization, regardless of size or budget, to experience the power of The Retrospective. All three packages include everything you need to look back to move forward, even if we’re not involved.

01 The Pilot

This package includes the complete Retrospective experience led and coordinated by Diana Kander herself. She will dig deep into understanding your customers and help you build an innovative plan for next year.

02 The Mentor

This package guarantees the same impact of The Pilot, but with a more affordable price tag. Diana’s team, fully trained and experienced with her method, will work with your team and deliver a workshop up to the Kander Standard.

03 The Guide

We’ve seen what the Retrospective can do and we don’t want the cost to get in the way of your team achieving these results.  Contact us and we’ll send you the full agenda and instructions for leading your own Retrospective, completely FREE.

The Retrospective Team

The Retrospective team is a combination of several taleneted, like-minded contributors. Sarah and Cole, a husband-wife duo, spent years working alongside Diana and learning her methododology. The team decided to join forces and now assists Fortune 1000 companies in creating innovative products and services and instilling a culture of innovation.

Diana Kander

Diana Kander

Founder of Leap Ventures, Keynote Speaker, NYT Bestselling Author, wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

Cole Crawford

Cole Crawford

Executive Director of Leap Ventures and experiment consultant.

Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford

Award-winning marketing consultant and Diana’s psuedo-twin.

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