Stop Telling People to Embrace Change.

Human beings hate change. All of us.

When Zoom has to update right before an important call, I'm not thinking "yay! an update! I'm
thinking, ah. I don't have time for this. I just want to do my call."

And I'm an innovation expert.

When Midwest express stopped serving cookies or Southwest Airlines stopped serving peanuts,
I wasn't cheering for the future of airline food. I didn't like it. I was used to the way it was.

So telling people to embrace change is just telling them to fight natural human instincts. We
prefer stability and predictability.

So what do we do instead?

Instead of trying to convince everyone love change, why don't we equip them with the tools
and mindset to navigate it. So that the change isn't as upsetting or disruptive. And they
approach it with an open mind.

There are two Master Skills that innovation experts share in this regard: Learning Agility and Growth

  1. Learning Agility: This is an individual's ability to rapidly acquire, unlearn, and adapt
    behaviors based on new and evolving information. It encapsulates the willingness to be
    wrong, learn from experiences, and adjust as necessary.
  2. Growth Mindset: Those with a growth mindset understand that they can always
    improve, regardless of their experience level or current expertise. This mindset fosters
    resilience, encourages challenges, and views failures not as definitive shortcomings but
    as opportunities for growth and learning.

But why are these skills so pivotal?

Because they don't just prepare individuals for one change; they prepare them for the ongoing
journey of change. They foster adaptability and instill a sense of curiosity.

Working on these skills outside of a big change initiative reduces the intimidation of that future
change when it becomes necessary.

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