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Diana Kander is a New York Times Best-selling author, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and keynote speaker who asks some big questions. What causes big, household brands to lose relevance with their customers and go out of business? Can organizational decline be prevented? What kind of culture needs to exist in an organization to ensure innovative ideas and practices? And how has Snoop Dogg continued to innovate decade after decade to stay relevant to the next generation?

Diana has spent her career challenging assumptions and asking thought-provoking questions. A serial entrepreneur who entered the United States as a refugee at the age of 8, she has launched and sold millions of dollars worth of products and services.

After detailing her biggest lessons learned in her first book, All In Startup, Diana started receiving requests from organizations to help their employees think more like entrepreneurs. 

While working with her clients, Diana’s personal curiosity about process and culture within large companies inspired her to develop the approach outlined in her second book. The Curiosity Muscle demonstrates how a loss of curiosity hurts companies and how it can be repaired using Diana’s prescription for reconnecting with customers. 

Diana has truly cracked the code on how Curiosity can serve as the catalyst for exponential growth and she thrives on helping organizations understand that they can always get better results if they learn how to ask better questions.

"Curiosity is like a muscle, if you ignore it, it will atrophy,

but if you properly develop it, it will grow stronger 

and help you achieve extraordinary results.”

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The key to building an innovation program is having an objective resource tell you when you’re drinking your own Kool-Aid, to poke holes in your action plan, and help you see why something isn’t working. 

Diana has spent years serving as that gut check for many organizations like H&R Block, Commerce Bank, and others.



After a failure, why do some people panic and others prosper? Diana will shed light on the art and science of being wrong at work in hopes of significantly improving our ability to identify failure much sooner and recover from it once it happens. 
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