In the world of corporate events, having a dynamic motivational speaker who can truly resonate with and inspire an audience is invaluable. Diana Kander, a renowned leadership keynote speaker, embodies this role perfectly, offering a suite of services tailored for corporate audiences. Her unique blend of innovation expertise and engaging presentation style makes her a top choice for any organization looking to ignite a spark of creativity and leadership among its members.

A Fun and Actionable Presentation

As a seasoned motivational speaker for corporate events, Diana Kander’s approach to keynote speaking is both captivating and practical. Her experience as an author on creating engaging presentations guarantees that every keynote she delivers is not just enjoyable but also packed with actionable insights. Jason Houseworth, Chief Innovation Officer at H&R Block, praises Diana’s ability to inspire teams and reshape focus, underlining the fun and relatability of her message.

Diana literally wrote a book on how to create engaging presentations, so you can bet your bottom dollar that every keynote she gives is fun, engaging, and actionable!

“I hired Diana to inspire my team to look at a problem we were facing through a new lens. Her keynote was immediately actionable and reshaped our focus. Diana has a way of making her message so relatable...and FUN!”
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Jason Houseworth 
Chief Innovation Officer, H&R Block

Customized Content

Understanding the unique needs of each corporate event as a leadership keynote speaker, Diana dedicates time to tailor her content. Through pre-keynote discussions with attendees, she crafts presentations that resonate deeply with the audience’s industry and organizational culture. Ann Dieleman, Executive Board Member at PIMA, highlights Diana's ability to connect with her audience, making her sessions stand out among the crowd at conferences.

Diana takes the time to get to know each client by holding pre-keynote calls with selected attendees. This allows her to pick out the most appropriate case studies, reference industry examples, and most importantly, sound like she's been in your organization for years.

“We hired Diana to speak at a PIMA conference. Not only did she take time to understand the audience before her presentation, she also actively interacted with them during the conference. As we received conference survey results back from attendees, many of them wrote the most valuable session at the conference was simply 'Diana'.”
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Ann Dieleman
Executive Board Member, Professional Insurance Marketing Association

Incredible Case Studies

Diana's commitment to constantly refreshing her content ensures that her presentations as a motivational speaker for corporate events remain fresh and engaging. She brings new, humorous, and insightful stories to every event, as noted by Tim Speno, President and CEO of E2E Summit. Her approach keeps her content at the forefront of innovation, making her a repeat favorite at corporate events. 

Diana challenges herself to constantly find new content. After every speech she picks out a popular case study or interactive element and prevents herself from using it again for 4 months. This process forces her to improve even the strongest parts.

“I have been a student of innovation for 20 years, and every single time I hear her speak, she brings some new stories that we have never heard before. Her examples are so funny and interesting and drive her points home. I've hired Diana to speak on several occasions and she is always the highlight of the conference.”
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Tim Speno
President & CEO, E2E Summit

Lasting Impact

The goal of Diana Kander, a sought-after leadership keynote speaker, extends beyond delivering an entertaining presentation. She aims to impart knowledge and tools that continue to influence and guide corporate teams long after the event. Scott Craig, VP of Product at Hyland, attests to the long-lasting impact of Diana’s teachings on their corporate practices.

Diana doesn't just think about how to create an entertaining presentation. That's table stakes for today's keynote speaker. She is focused on delivering content and tools that are still making an impact at least a year after the audience has heard her speak.

“Eight years after Diana's presentation, associates who attended her workshop are still using her terminology to identify and solve customer problems. It has become part of our DNA, helping us prioritize difficult decisions we have to make on a daily basis. Diana is a little like a commercial jingle you can't get out of your head. Once you hear her talk, you won't forget the things she has taught you.”
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Scott Craig
VP of Product, Hyland

Diana offers three distinct keynote options centered around her expertise in curiosity and innovation:

Diana offers three distinct keynote options, each designed to enhance curiosity and innovation in a corporate setting.

• Unleash Your Curiosity: This opening keynote encourages participants to harness their curiosity for better results and innovation. It’s based on Diana’s book, "The Curiosity Muscle," and includes interactive exercises and case studies.

• Go Big or Go Home: This keynote focuses on making presentations memorable and action-driven. It’s an interactive session full of tools for emotionally connecting with audiences, available exclusively in-person.

• Customized Keynote: As a versatile motivational speaker for corporate events, Diana customizes keynotes to suit the specific needs of an organization, drawing on her vast experience across various industries.
Diana Kander stands out as a leadership keynote speaker for her ability to blend motivation with practical innovation strategies. Her presentations are transformative experiences that leave lasting impressions on corporate teams. Whether it’s through customizing content, delivering fresh case studies, or providing actionable tools, Diana ensures that each keynote is a stepping stone toward organizational growth and innovation.

In a world where corporate events often need a spark to turn them from mundane to extraordinary, Diana Kander proves to be the motivational speaker par excellence. Her sessions are catalysts for change, making her an ideal choice for any organization seeking to inspire and lead in an ever-changing business landscape.


Unleash Your Curiosity - Opening Keynote

Want an incredible opening leadership keynote speaker that makes participants more engaged in each and every session? Then teach them how to harness their curiosity!

Based on her book, The Curiosity Muscle, Diana's high-energy keynote shows us how we can level up the simple questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis to get significantly better results and drive innovation. That includes the questions attendees are reflecting on throughout your event!

As a motivational speaker for corporate events, Diana will help participants understand that the longer they've been doing something, the more likely it is that their expertise has also created some blindspots. Blindspots that could be huge opportunities for growth. She'll demonstrate how we struggle with additive bias, or looking to add more things to our plate to solve a problem, when taking something away would be the much more optimal solution.  And she'll help attendees understand how our natural desire to be right gets in the way of our learning and improvement.  

Through hilarious case studies and interactive exercises, Diana will leave your audience excited to learn and open to changing how they see the world.  

Key Takeaways:
          •       How to ‘institutionalize’ curiosity in your organization with simple daily habits
          •       How to dramatically reduce the ‘risk’ of new ideas and supercharge growth
          •       How to avoid allowing your past success to sabotage your future growth



Go Big or Go Home Keynote

Did you know that once you finish a presentation, your audience will forget 50% of it within an hour and 90% of it within a week?  How are they supposed to take action on your idea when they can't remember anything you said?

This sad statistic doesn't have to be your fate. As a motivational speaker for corporate events, Diana's Go Big or Go Home keynote will show you how to significantly increase the amount of your presentation that an audience will retain and create that "gut feeling" that compels them to take action as soon as you're done. Based on Diana's newest book, this talk will offer five concrete tools you can use to emotionally connect with prospects, customers, and employees, and help them remember and act on what you said!

And Diana won't just educate you about these principles. What fun would that be? She'll take you on an interactive roller coaster, carefully weaving in each practice into the talk itself! (Note: Due to the audience participation level of this presentation, it is exclusively available through an in-person format).

Key Takeaways:
          •       How to create trust with your audience at lightning speed
          •       How to make your presentation memorable and worth telling others about 
          •       How to do research that no one else will do to get meetings that no one else will get
          •       How to add surprises into your presentation that will keep the audience laser focussed on what you're saying


Customized Keynote

Diana is a curiosity and innovation nerd. As a motivational speaker for corporate events, she's created a number of innovation tools and best practices, launched over 12 companies herself, and spent considerable time as an entrepreneur-in-residence inside several large organizations. And she's worked on innovation in almost every industry imaginable. Yes, even nuclear reactors! Diana's leadership keynote speaking experience and her fascination with the topic allow her to create a custom keynote based on an organization's needs. Previous keynotes have included:
  • Increasing the Speed of Innovation
  • Why Curiosity is the Secret to Thriving in the New Normal
  • Where Do Good Ideas Come From?
  • The Leader's Role in Innovation
  • How to Increase Customer Intimacy
  • Failing Forward: How to Use Setbacks as Steppingstones to Success
  • The Board's Role in Innovation
  • The Four Habits of Innovative Teams
  • Lessons Learned in My Entrepreneurial Journey

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