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The Reverse Resume: A counterintuitive way to measure our growth

When it comes to life's trajectory, most of us spotlight our wins. But what if we began viewing our growth through the lens of opportunities we consciously sidestepped? 🤔 In our hustle and bustle world, almost everyone has a résumé. It's that trusty document, detailing our proudest moments, like a passport stamping our professional journeys. […]
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Did you know that only 10% of companies have a way to reinforce their values?

That's a very small percentage of organizations that have a purposeful way to say what matters and doesn't matter in their culture. How will new people learn what they should strive for? How will they know what's rewarded? Culture is something we have to reinforce on a continual basis, not just from the top but from every part […]
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Why Milestones Are So Importance for Innovation Work!

Let's talk about the importance of milestones in our innovation projects! It's hard to keep our team's engagement and enthusiasm up when they are just expected to come and try their hardest each day with no milestone to celebrate! It's impossible really. It's demoralizing. So what can you do instead? Create small milestones that we can celebrate […]
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Doing Innovative Work is Hard. How to Master the Skill of Properly Mourning Failure

Doing innovative work is hard. And a large percentage of the time things might not work out. If you want to keep doing innovative things, it's important to master the skill of properly mourning the failure! Otherwise, we can fall victim to shame, denial, or avoidance. I'd love to share a quick tool I came […]
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I'm asking you to help me run a pre-mortem on my business idea!

This is very exciting and scary to share!  Ten years after selling my last company, I think I've got a business idea I'm very interested in starting. But I need your help.  All I want to do is work on logos and marketing materials, but I know better.  I need your advice on what you […]
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You Can't Manage Secrets! Case Study from the Ford Motor Company

You can't manage secrets! Please watch this incredible case study from Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Co. on how to get people to share their problems so your organization can solve them! Click 👉 "Follow" for daily #Innovation Insights! #InnovateWithDiana #InnovateEveryday #growth #strategy #curiosity #leadership
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Your performance zone is different than your learning zone.

Your performance zone is different than your learning zone. We don't grow and improve when we are performing. We have to put time aside for it to happen.  That's why playing golf or tennis or whatever other sport you love for the last 20 years hasn't really improved your game.  The same is true at […]
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Mixup's happen. But it didn't have to be this big of an oops.

Mixup's happen. But it didn't have to be this big of an oops. Either your organization waits for a big failure to stop and reflect what could have gone better, or we make these reflections and lessons learned a part of our successful efforts. "Vaccine production is a notoriously fickle science, and errors are often […]
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Will you capitalize on your Covid innovations in your organization?

Will you capitalize on your Covid innovations or will things just go back to how they were?  So many organizations have achieved impossible feats over the last year, making fast progress in ways they thought could never happen. 🏋️♂️ And if we don't stop and reflect on what we want to take with us into […]
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The thing about blindspots in our life

The thing about blindspots is that you'll never learn what they are until you make space in your life to find out. We all have a list of things we need to work on, but there's an even more important list of things we aren't even aware of that will help us get to our […]
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